Your donations help us to purchase many things that improve your experience at the Coventry furmeets, such as fans for the suiting lounge, communication equipment to share amongst helpers and organizers on the walk, water for suiters, covers for the suiting lounge, other events, etc..

Every donor will receive a badge and you can order as many of these as you want, so if you happen to have more than one character that you want to show off, you can.

A £10 donation will get you a digital badge or a £15 donation will get you a printed and laminated one for collection at the meet!

For any more details/example or to make a purchase, please message on messenger (Dexter Reed) or via Telegram (@TacoTeko)

We will be adding more products in future for you to be able to support us, these maybe pins, badges, lanyard or pre-made fursuit items!

New Style Badges

Old Style Badges