1. Please respect members of the public. They have the same right to be at the venue as us.

2. Please show the CovFurs Staff and Venue Staff respect, they are working hard to make sure we have a good time. Please remember that this is a borrowed place so please treat the venue with up most respect.

3. Fursuiting is allowed! From as soon as we enter The YARD. If you need help there will be helpers on the day but just in case, try to organise yourself a personal handler prior to the meet.

4. If you are suiting, please bring your own water. We cannot provide water due to insufficient funding.

5. Please make sure any personal belongings are locked up, We won’t exaggerate this; although we make sure everyone’s stuff is packed away safely secured in the main room before moving onto the Fursuit Walk as we are not responsible for your things. Speak to the organising team member if you are unsure as to where to store your things.

6. DJ Booth is off limits to everyone including Organisers. The device used for music should only be accessed by organisers.

7. Do NOT bring outside FOOD or DRINKS into the venue. Bottled water is okay but any outiside food keep it in a bag and not out in the open. If you are spotted with any Outside food a warning will be given out using our 3 strike system.

8. Try to curb your language and no inappropriate behaviour in and around public. Don’t make furries look bad.

9. During the walk, please stay with the group and don’t wander off. Meets can get quite large and there are less organisers than suiters.

10. Announcements will be made before and during the walk so listen out!

11. If you are to consume alcohol, PLEASE KNOW YOUR LIMITS. The bar staff have the right to REFUSE SERVICE to you or even have you BARRED. This is out of CovFurs’ control. Don’t be stupid.

12. We have the venue booked before the walk and after we need to make sure we are packed up before 6, so please be mindful and listen out when we ask you to leave.

13. If at any point someone at the bar is making you feel uncomfortable, politely move away and speak to one of the Organisers. We will deal with any situation we can.

14. If you have any glasses, bottles or plates that you have finished with it would be helpful if you could take them down to the bar when finished.

15. This is a 16+ event, we can’t allow anyone under the age as we cannot ensure the safety of children.

16. If someone is causing issues at the furmeet please don’t hesitate to let the organisers know.

COVID19 Policy

Important Info

1.Please DO NOT travel if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, as you will be putting others at risk.

2.Upon attending the meet you MUST provide us with a negative LFT (Lateral Flow Test) 24 hours before the meet, please provide a photo of the LFT tester and the SMS/Email with the same code visible. This will be verified by a organizer

3.Keep social distancing in mind as other people attending may want to keep a safe distance. Please ask people before approaching at a close distance, for example when going to hug a suiter ask first before you take action.

4.Please wear a face covering when you are not eating, drinking or sitting at a table. Avoid sharing drinks or food with people outside of your household.